DigitalEuan – Auckland – 3D design + Sculpture + websites. DXF files for laser / plasma / water cutting. STL files for 3D printing.


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3D design

  • Concept design
  • DXF + STL files
  • Animation

3D design can be useful for many situations:

  • Visualize a concept – insert the 3D model into the environment it will be seen in so it can be modified, scaled or adjusted to suit .
  • Presentation of concepts to exhibitions – a great way to show your sculptural idea for selection.
  • DXF files for Plasma, Laser or Waterjet cutting.
  • STL files for 3D printing.
  • Animation for websites or advertisement.
  • Files for print at extremely high resolution – 3D has no boundaries for image size.

Graphic design

  • Websites
  • Branding
  • Design services

Graphic design has multiple applications:

  • Business logos, branding, cards, websites etc.
  • Signage – road signs, shop signs…
  • Books – layout, formatting, images…
  • Just about anything that needs that digital touch.

Contact me to have a chat about your ideas – it is more than likely I can create what you need.


  • Sculpture
  • Fine art
  • Illustration

Steel sculpture - large scale

Working with James Wright to produce many large scale sculptures – Corten steel, plasma and laser cut outdoor sculptures.

James’ work features throughout New Zealand. Using predominately steel, James’ art is large, bold and strong.

Click to view video

Sculpture - 3D design & laser cutting

Working with Rebecca Rose.

Rebecca’s work is refined and stylish. Her sculptures range in materials, the images here show Stainless Steel. Sculptures by Rebecca can be found throughout NZ and have also featured in Beijing and Australia.

Beijing, China

Interactive 3D - VR and animation

Example of a basic 3D model that can be viewed on nearly any device.

In this simple viewer you can change the view angle and zoom, as well as change the viewport display style – eg. to a wireframe view, so you can clarify specific details and really see what you are working with.

This is great for visualizing a sculpture (or other) idea, working out the details of construction and installation or as presentation visuals.

VR can also be created so you can view the model on location, through a smart device or VR-type goggles.

ABOUT DigitalEuan

DigitalEuan is 100% New Zealand owned and operated by one artist – Euan Craig.

Working with businesses, artists and individuals from New Zealand and around the world, on a diverse range of projects.

“I started life as an Artist from a very young age, drawing cartoons and sketching objects from around the farm where I grew up. I had a passion for art and design through college and later completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree which lead me into what I do now. I continue to practice my own artwork which includes painting, sculpture (or a mix of the two) and pointillism”.



Images from a few projects

Ngati Te Ata

Diorama project around the Manukau Peninsula. Sites of Significance – very graphical signage depicting site-specific information and historical text/images. This project placed an outdoor sign at important locations around the Manukau Peninsula -Te Raroa, Waimatuku, Karioitahi and Matakawau.

SouthTech Week

(event) – Interactive touchscreen presentation at SouthTech Week 2018. Featuring Ngati Te Ata diorama information.

Ngati Paoa

Diorama for Ngati Paoa and Waka Te Kotuiti. Used for events to depict and translate historical information to viewers.

Manukau Heads Lighthouse

Many projects for the Manukau Heads Lighthouse – website, pamphlets, signage.

Clevedon Art Trail

Graphic design and dxf creation for Clevedon Art Trail – pamphlets, signs, laser / plasma cut signs, maps – printed and online and website.

Riverhaven Artland

Design items for Riverhaven Artland – graphic, planning, maps, signs, logo, cards, pamphlets, website etc.

DigitalEuan works with

Jules Riding
Rebecca Rose
natural medical logo
Natural Medical Centre
West Coast Jade
Jane Crosbie
Eve's Art
Waiuku RSA