DigitalEuan – Auckland – 3D design + Sculpture + websites. DXF files for laser / plasma / water cutting – STL files for 3D printing.



NZ Artist

Design - Visualize - Fabricate - Install


Turn your concepts into real artworks


Rough sketches and dialogue transformed into 3D images/video/models for visualization


Foundations, installation, and lighting – designed to last and make an impression

DXF files for laser, water, plasma cutting, STL files for 3D printing and CNC cutting

DigitalEuan has industry partners for fabrication – cut, weld, bend, drill, press, texture etc, or can work with a fabrication/installation team at your location.

Contact DigitalEuan to discuss your idea

3D design + Graphic design + Art

  • 3D concept design for sculpture
  • DXF + STL files for fabrication
  • Animation
  • Websites
  • Branding
  • Design services
  • Sculpture
  • Fine art
  • Illustration

3D design / modelling + files for 3D printing


MIT Manukau, Auckland

- 3D printed Pou

TechPark – 58 Manukau Station Road, Manukau, Auckland.

Dawn Blessing Ceremony

#1 initial sketch provided

consultation and initial design discussions including scale, purpose, material for printing etc

#2 modelling

basic 3D model designed and changes discussed. 2D images and 3D previews are generated for detailed analysis

#3 advanced design

details added, and any further alterations made

#4 print setup

model is broken up into printable sized parts, internal support or conduits can be added. STL files or other compatible files generated and supplied to printer

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#5 installation

parts are assembled onsite, they can be painted and have lighting installed

Hei Matau – large sculpture


Kahawai Point Developments

Aluminum sculpture

Aluminum sculpture 3.6m high
Kahawai Point, Glenbrook, Auckland
Stunning location looking over the Manukau Harbour.
75 Tahuna Minhinnick Dr, Glenbrook Auckland.
– Design + organise local fabrication and installation.
Hei Matau (The Hook)
3D concept design
Foundation design
Dawn Blessing Ceremony

ABOUT DigitalEuan

Custom Designs That Make Your Brand Stand Out

Digitaleuan is a New Zealand-owned and operated design studio that helps businesses, artists, and individuals create custom designs that make them stand out from the competition.


A few interesting projects:

Some organizations DigitalEuan works with:
Awhitu Coast Care
Jules Riding
Rebecca Rose
natural medical logo
Natural Medical Centre
Jane Crosbie
Franklin Hospice
Jane Crosbie
SAP Business Network Discovery
Business Network Discovery
New Zealand Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS)
NZ Government Electronic Tenders Service