Terms and Conditions

Conditions of hiring “The Bunkhouse

I acknowledge that “The Bunkhouse” is a commercial beef farm and I accept on behalf of myself and the other guests who are accompanying me (referred to as the Booking Party), that there are multiple hazards and dangers associated with farms and farm animals.

The Booking Party accepts that we enter and stay on the property at our own risk.

The Booking Party accepts that the owners (DH and AE Craig) and farm managers (KJ and CG Kelly) are not responsible for our safety or the safety of our animals or the safety of our vehicles.

The Booking Party agrees that at the end of our stay “The Bunkhouse” will be left in a clean and tidy condition both inside and also the outdoor surrounds (please read the ‘Clean Up’ information page in the Safety Manual).

The Booking Party accepts full responsibility for any damage and loss done to the building or surrounding property caused by the Booking Party for the duration of our stay.

The booking Party agrees that all dogs brought to the property are well trained, well behaved and have been wormed, de-fleaed and vaccinated. Any damage done by any dogs belonging to the Booking Party will be paid for including damage to cattle, sheep, horses or other farm stock.

The Booking Party agrees to repair or pay for any damage done by any horses belonging to the Booking Party.

The booking party agrees to keep noise to an acceptable level. Sound travels a long way and disturbs cattle, horses and the owners.

The booking party agrees to not bring fireworks onto the property and to not use them at any time.

Camp fires. The Bunkhouse is subject to Auckland City fire rules and regulations – total fire bans apply often.

The Booking Party agrees to inform all guests of these facts and requirements.

The organiser of horse riding groups is responsible for ensuring that each person sign the LiabilityWaiver as found here (print your own copies) or as provided by The Bunkhouse. These will be collected on the first day and each day new horse riding participants arrive.


LiabilityWaiver_Bunkhouse (Download PDF)