DigitalEuan - Auckland design, 3D and websites. Design for just about anything, 3D for sculpture concepts & DXF files (laser, water cutting etc) + Websites.


original NZ artist

creative design solutions

3D design

  • Concept design
  • DXF files
  • Animation

3D design can be useful for many situations:

  • Visualize a concept - insert the 3D model into the environment it will be seen in so it can be modified, scaled or adjusted to suit .
  • Presentation of concepts to exhibitions - a great way to show your sculptural idea for selection.
  • DXF files for Plasma, Laser or Waterjet cutting.
  • Animation for websites or advertisement.
  • Files for print at extremely high resolution - 3D has no real life boundaries for image size.

Graphic design

  • Websites
  • Branding
  • All design services

Graphic design has multiple applications:

  • Business logos, branding, cards, websites etc.
  • Signage - road signs, shop signs...
  • Books - layout, formatting, images...
  • Just about anything that needs that digital touch.

Contact me to have a chat about your ideas - it is more than likely I can create what you need.


  • Sculpture
  • Fine art
  • Illustration


DigitalEuan is owned and operated by one artist – Euan Craig.

Starting as a small design business in 2007, DigitalEuan now provides a wide range of services including graphic design, 3D services and websites.

“I started life as an Artist from a very young age, drawing cartoons and sketching objects from around the farm where I grew up. I had a passion for art and design through college and later completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree which lead me into graphic design, animation, websites.

I also practice my own artwork which includes painting, sculpture (or a mix of the two) and pointillism (drawings made from thousands of tiny dots).

I work a lot with artists and individuals from around New Zealand and with corporations from around the world on a vast range of projects. My art is what I love doing so my work becomes a part of my life”


Phone: (09) 947 79 79 (currently destroyed by lightning!)

Mobile: 021 0447 482